Our licensing choice

Monday, September 20 th , 2010

Almost as much as anything else, people have asked me about the copyright licensing on bildr.

I want to take some time and talk about why we made the licensing choices we did, and assure you we did not pick them randomly out of a hat.

Unfortunately, copyright is difficult, much more than it needs to be, and even the open source license alone is enough to drive you mad. So I did spend a good deal of time thinking this over, and over, and over, and what I came up with managed to shock some people.

You want parts, we want code

Saturday, September 4 th , 2010

bildr is getting ready to open it’s doors to the public, but before we do, we wanted to share a little promotion we are doing. We hope to do this for the life of bildr, but let’s see if this works first.

At bildr, we aim to document every component in a way that will help save you hours of reading and searching by putting everything you need to know in one place, and that includes usable, extendable, open-source code too.

Right now we are trying to build our MIT licensed (let’s you do almost anything with it – more open that GPL) code repository – So to pull this off, we want to make a deal. If there is a component you want, and you are willing to write foundation code* for it, let us know, and we may just send one for free.

*Foundation code is code that jus gets the part up, running, and doing what it is supposed to do. – All code must be made available under the MIT license.

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