We are a community of makers, artists, designers, and builders focused on simplifying the world of electronics DIY by modularizing information. Instead of showcasing users’ projects, we offer bite-size, easy-to-follow articles that help you hit the ground running.

We understand that, for many, the idea is more important than the method of accomplishing it. Our hope is that by offering working code and wiring examples for almost anything you would want to make, we can create building blocks that will enable people to stop searching for help, and start getting their idea made.

What’s all this talk about Modularized Information?

It’s pretty simple. Take any electronics DIY project you have seen on the web… Instead of documenting how it is made, we document how each part of it is made.

Imagine buying an entire car just because you needed a single part. Sounds crazy, but often people search the web for for finished projects just to rip them apart simply because they need working code for a specific sensor. Sometimes it works, and other times you spend more time trying to untangle the code than you would have starting from scratch. So we at bildr offer code and schematic that does one thing, and one thing only. No more trying to figure out what parts you need, and what parts you don’t. This simple idea saves you time, makes it easier, and gives you more time for what really counts… your idea.

More about the site

bildr (not Bildr) was founded by Adam Meyer, an Interaction designer at Tellart who is so totally obsessed with making things easier for people that he decided to spend countless hours learning electronics and code just in hopes of giving it back to the community in a simplified fashion.

bildr is not a company, has no funding, and does not make a profit. It actually loses a bit of money – Mainly buying parts to document. bildr may have been founded by one person, but it could not exist without the great community helping push it forward.

How can I help?

The thing we need above all is content, in the wiki and blog. But, just being active in our community forum would be wonderful. If you are interesting in writing for the blog, shoot us an email at blog@bildr.org.

The simple goal of bildr

At the end of the day, this is what we hope to accomplish. Documented methods for doing one thing, and offering them for as many microcontrollers as possible.

Concept video

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