ProtoStack giveaways! Atmega168 Development kits

Image ©Protostack

A week after opening, and things are going good. We just gave away $100 to SparkFun and we are moving ahead to this week’s promotion.

The arduino is bigger than ever, and no one can deny its ease-of-use. But what happens when you find yourself needing more control or flexibility? Well, then it is time to bypass the Arduino bootloader and go right to the microcontroller. I know, I know… it sounds scary, but what if someone made a kit for getting you started?

Well that’s exactly what ProtoStack does. Protostack is a supplier of prototyping boards, development boards and electronic components. Their boards conform to a common form factor (full size and half size) which allows them to be stacked on top of each other (hence the name Protostack). Most of their products are oriented around AVR microcontrollers (same guys who make the microcontrollers on the Arduino) -It’s all aimed at people who want a bit more control and flexibility. Their site even has many AVR tutorials and is ideal for those wanting to learn about embedded systems.

Ok ok ok… Where’s the giveaway? Well… Daniel Garcia over at ProtoStack has generously put up 5 ATmega168 Development Boards to give to bildr users who are looking to step foot in the ATmega arena. All we ask is that you post anything you build with them, or just anything you find out that could help others. We love giving things away, but we also love for you give back to the community by sharing your knowledge (this is bildr afterall).

If you want a kit, and are willing to share your findings, email us at (Sadly they have all been spoken for) and we will get one out to you!

If you are still scared of working with microcontrollers, stay tuned for more promotions from Seed StudioPonoko, and ogi lumen.