Bildr is Back!

Tuesday, June 6 th , 2017

You may have noticed that Bildr and the Bildr community has been a bit dormant over the last couple years. Well I am happy to announce that the site is being worked on, and new content is on the way!

We would like to strongly encourage our readers to submit their projects to us for consideration to be published on Bildr.  From beginner to advanced projects, send over what your working on!

Arduino + MLX90614 IR Thermometer

Saturday, January 15 th , 2011


Thank you

Friday, December 10 th , 2010

Image ©woodleywonderworks | cc-by-sa

When things get busy you can blink your eyes and it has been a month since your last blog post. Granted the holiday season is always a little hectic, but I really meant to post this earlier.

We had a great opening here at bildr, and managed to give away a lot great stuff thanks to the marvelous community. I want to take a moment and say thanks to everyone who has helped us get this started.

First, let me say thanks to sparkfun. I don’t how I could have done this without those guys. When the site was just an empty wiki, Nate offered to let bildr use their store content as the starter content for our wiki. For this, I am forever grateful.

Neil, the wiki administrator. For his thousands of edits small and large, I say thank you! Neil, you are tireless and keep me on my toes.

Daniel over at Protostack – Thank you for offering/sending bildr members free atmega development boards. That was just so cool.

David at ogi lumen… Your products saved me tons of time, and then you totally surprised me with your gift of nixie tubes for the competition, that was truly awesome!

Eric, and everyone at Seeed Studio, you make really sweet stuff, and were very generous with the DSO nanos, thank you!

Derek, and the Ponoko crew. Wow. Not only did you put up $50 for the nixie competition winner, but you blogged about the project… not once, but twice!

All the bildr users who have helped get this started. Everyone who submitted code, edited or entered content, asked a question, gave support, or just said “hi”. All the blogs that posted about us, all the users who tweeted about us, and everyone who “liked” us… Thank you.

We have a lot of great things coming in the new year so stick around, or at least follow our RSS feed.

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