Sunday, October 17 th , 2010

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For many people this site has been a long time coming. They have been sitting by, waiting now over a year for it to happen. But for me, it started a long time before that. I originally came up with the concept for this site about 20 months ago, when I was in my last semester of school, and have since then been hashing out every idea I could during the hours between work and sleep.

In that time, I have spent countless hours designing, coding, networking, talking, entering information, taking jobs to raise money, etc. A few months ago we went private beta to build out the site, and have had a few dozen grace us with their knowledge and help.

The site is by no means done, or feature-set. In fact, much of what I want to do hasn’t even been started. But it is time to get this thing open to the public, ready or not… I’m happy to say that’s what we are doing right now. WE ARE OPEN!!!

To celebrate the opening of bildr, we have 4 weeks of promotions going on, the first of which is $100 to SparkFun to one lucky twitter follower*, and another $100 to SparkFun for the top contributor to the wiki over the next 4 weeks!

We also have great giveaways and competition prizes coming up from Seed Studio, Protostack, Ponoko, and ogi lumen.

*For your chance to win the $100 to SparkFun, you just need to follow us on twitter and tweet: RT @bildr is finally open to the public, and I want that $100 to #sparkfun – http://t.co/sPP2iK2

You can also enter by shamelessly plugging the site in any way! Just email us at plugs@bildr.org with a link (if available) and let us know what you did.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get this far!!!

You want parts, we want code

Saturday, September 4 th , 2010

bildr is getting ready to open it’s doors to the public, but before we do, we wanted to share a little promotion we are doing. We hope to do this for the life of bildr, but let’s see if this works first.

At bildr, we aim to document every component in a way that will help save you hours of reading and searching by putting everything you need to know in one place, and that includes usable, extendable, open-source code too.

Right now we are trying to build our MIT licensed (let’s you do almost anything with it – more open that GPL) code repository – So to pull this off, we want to make a deal. If there is a component you want, and you are willing to write foundation code* for it, let us know, and we may just send one for free.

*Foundation code is code that jus gets the part up, running, and doing what it is supposed to do. – All code must be made available under the MIT license.

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